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Unwinding and getting to sleep isn’t really one of my strong points. It doesn’t matter how I go about my day, it always takes me so long to fall asleep.

Naturally this led me to do what I do best: research (at 2am in bed of course).

Almost all the articles I came across were “how to fall asleep better” including things like meditation, eating healthier, turning off technology earlier etc. That’s all well and good but I was looking for a quick fix.

After some more research (it was 3am by this point – will I ever learn?) I found some little tricks that actually proved quite effective.

1. Don’t count sheep, circle them
I never really found that counting sheep made me sleepy, however I came across this post which tells you to stick to one or two sheep, and make them walk around in circles, and count the circles. I often get to about 20-30 and then get too tired to think about anything else, or keep counting, and dose off.

2. The 4-7-8 breathing trick
This post will basically explain how it works and go into the technical side of things, but in short, it slows down your heart rate forcing you to relax. You simply breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. And repeat.

3. Pretend you’re falling
Pretending your falling through the bed, or your body has no weight, will help your body let go and free it from any tension.

5. Music and sounds
Studies have determined this is the most relaxing song ever, that actually slows down your heart beat. You can also download the ‘relaxing sounds’ app and play sounds that are comforting to you, whether that be the ocean, rain or a peaceful lake. There’s also this app which is made to literally bore you to sleep.

6. Roll your eyes
I did this with the circling sheep trick, and found it worked really well for me. Close your eyes and roll your eyes around or up a few times. It simulates what you do naturally when you fall asleep and may help trigger the release of your sleepy hormone, melatonin.

7. Imagine your ‘happy place’
Visualisation meditation works best when you use at least three senses. For example, you’re on a tropical beach, listening to the waves and feeling the heat of the sun. You should start to feel relaxed, as you explore senses in your imagination, and fall asleep.

One last thing, this all-natural CALM drink is a serious gamechanger if you have trouble unwinding & feeling relaxed at night. It takes me off any kind of coffee high and puts me right to sleep.

Do you have any sleeping tricks? Please do share!

  • Jemma

    I really need to try these, i'm terrible at getting to sleep.
    The sheep one sounds interesting. I usually count sheep as they jump over a hedge, weird I know :')

  • I love how these are totally new to me! I've never heard of the circling sheep thing or the 4-7-8 breathing. Browsing my phone is definitely what stops me from sleeping so I really need to not go to bed with it :P

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • That rolling your eyes thing is an interesting one! What helps for me is a night time routine and going to bed around the same hour every night :)

  • This was really interesting, thank you for sharing! I've always had problems falling asleep, it always took me a lot of time, since I was little till present days. I normally try to tell myself some stories, imagine situations and stuff. But I will try those tips! Hopefully they will work :)
    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

  • Andrijana Bozic

    I just start imagine perfect life, boy or familly for me and I fall asleep so fast,,, in the morning I want ot continue my imagination but its to late so I have to get up. :) So I dream awake and I fall asleep :)

  • Anna

    I definitely need to try this!!! I say I'm going to sleep and three hours later I'm still awake :S

  • My trick is to read… I read like 4 pages of a book and my eyes are already closing ;)

  • Charlotte

    Great tips! Recently I just can't fall asleep before 3AM and it is just so bad, gonna try these tonight!

  • These are really excellent tips! I usually listen to podcasts when I'm trying to fall asleep, and they usually put me out in under 5 minutes (unless I'm obsessively thinking about something)!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • These are really good tips I am off to listen to this most relaxing song ever!! Xx

  • I've never heard of circling sheeps! I must try that out next time~ I usually make up crazy scenarios in my head until I drift off haha~ It makes for the craziest dreams

    By the way I'm hosting my first ever give away on the blog! Check it out :) She Will Be

  • These are great trip ! I haven't heard of most of them before – really need to give these a go.


    Petite Pomme

  • Lillie Mysel

    Oh I like that 4-7-8 trick! I usually do the falling into my bed or I get into an extremely comfortable position and close my eyes and I don't move and I usually conk out! xxx

  • Circling the sheep sounds like it's going to do the trick :) I love this post – I haven't heard of any of this tips! x x

  • Music has never failed for me, not sure if counting or circling sheep would work for me though! X

    Sparkles & silk on my blog if anyone's interested! —

  • I needed some good tips, because my sleeping pattern is really bad when I'm at Uni haha, very good post:)

  • I definitely need to try these! I've been having trouble falling asleep lately and it's the worst! Thanks for sharing :)

  • These are great tips! Will certainly be trying a few out tonight! X

  • Lovely post, Angela! I'll definitely be needing to try some of these tips this evening! I normally do a little bit of reading before bedtime and that does the trick :) x

  • Love the idea of circling sheep!

  • I've been having trouble going to sleep lately. I think imagining my happy place or happy things helps me to forget about my real world troubles (the reason I'm usually still awake) and just stay in a fantasy world for a little bit.

    Emma |

  • Pretending to fall actually works SO well for me — except sometimes I get into that weird state between asleep and awake and JUST as I drop off to sleep it feels like I'm falling and I jerk awake!

  • Emily Leung

    I love these tips! I don't think this is necessarily effective, but I love to start "day" dreaming of a perfect scenario (usually involving some cute guy or whatnot) and let my mind take me sleep. Sadly, I don't dream about these things, but it's fun creating scenarios or stories :)

    Emily |

  • This was such a helpful post! I always find it so hard to go to sleep but I'll defintely use these tips next time I can't sleep :)

  • jealsea

    WOW, I totally love your blog and this post is so nice and inspiring! Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :)

    xoxo ElsaBeautyTeen ♥♥

  • i have real trouble sleeping, but I have an app that plays rain on the window and it sets me off every time! I know ill get used to it after a while but for the minute its amazing.

  • I have a lot of trouble falling asleep as well, especially when I'm stressed or anxious – I just can't shut my brain off! These tips are so great, I've really never tried anything like them!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Great tips, needed this, thanks!

    hannie | chapters like this

  • ohh i know this problem so well! i found out really good tips from this post! thank you xxx

    xx, marinasirmais

  • Mille

    I have had sleeping problems as well, mostly because of ear/sound problems. But I have found out that I fall so much easier asleep if I talk to my self out loud. I helps slowing down all the thoughts that kept racing trough my mind. Now I do it every night, and it has become random stuff that I talk about, mostly about the day, what I liked and what I did not.

  • rebecca

    I have a lot of trouble falling asleep since starting college, it just seems that I have so much on my mind it's hard to unwind and get a proper sleep x

  • I don't remember going to bed and going to sleep easily. Having enough physical activity through the day helps me and I have two friends who find sleep problematic- they both say goodnight to themselves and one swears by keeping your eyes open, no matter how much they want to close- eventually you will be asleep!

  • Thank you for these, I often find it's hard to sleep so I'll be sure to try these! x

    Blog A Girl with a Camera

  • Great tips!
    Thanks foe sharing!


  • Great tips!

    Thanks for sharing =)


  • Breathing exercises help me feel calm and comfortable when I have a little bit of difficulty falling to sleep! ^ ___ ^

  • Again another fantastic list blog post! This one will definitely come in handy :)

  • Lou

    I usually imagine my "happy place" and I think It work.
    I think I tried to count ships and it worked too.

  • Music always works for me:) The rolling your eyes one is interesting, want to try it:P


  • I started meditating with the 4-7-8 late at night, and I'd fall asleep during most of my sessions. It helps me the most because I'm concentrating on my breathing and taking my mind off everything else :) x

    Mel // izzipenelope

  • I recently wrote a post about where my mind was wandering one night when I couldn't fall asleep. I will try your techniques next time!

  • This post is brilliant! I always struggle to fall asleep and I've actually never seen any of these tips before, will definitely be trying them out tonight!

  • This whole post makes me so happy! These are really great tips, and very unique tips too (that feels weird to say, but I actually so appreciate that you moved away from the common tips of putting your phone in another room, etc). I especially love the 'pretend you're falling' tip – I think that's really going to help me. Can't wait to sleep!
    Ivory Avenue

  • Thank you for the tips! Lately its been taking me so long to fall asleep.

  • Katy Stevens

    I actually find that counting in my head works. If I don't get to sleep by 500, or 1000 if I'm having a bad pain day, then I just give up and get up for another hour. This works so well that recently I had an MRI, counted to take my mind off the noise, and very nearly nodded off!

  • I'm definitely going to use some of these tips on of these days :) Thanks for sharing!


  • Ron Schuck

    Try counting backwards from 100, but by 3's not 2's. Takes a little thinking rather than the auto-mode. Get to zero and repeat going the other direction.

  • Kat

    ASMR!!! I'm a lifelong insomniac and this has been a huge breakthrough!
    Look up ASMR on YouTube, and I highly recommend Gentle Whispering in particular. She is pure magic!

  • nobelaries

    Valor essential oil blend from young living on the bottom of your feet! The best sleep I've ever had in my life!

  • Great tips. I will be trying these the next time I am tossing and turning!

  • Ahhh I wanted to try the sheep counting! So cute hahahaha~ It's weird but I would wakeup all the time when I feel like I'm falling through the bed :(

  • Mette

    Yes I do. First I tell myself that it's not that important to fall asleep right now. And then I start planning in detail my outfit for the following day. If I have a lot on my mind, I write my worries down in a little book I keep on my nightstand for that purpose.
    And, here in Norway the sun is up until midnight half the year, so we are used to develop individual going-to-bed methods from early childhood.
    Hope this is helpful for somebody out there.

  • Freya Lunn

    Don't move at all. Don't move your leg, or roll over or itch your arm – it's your mind checking to see if you're asleep. It works for me everytime. Just don't move!!

  • I love these tips! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Great tips! I stay away from the Internet to sleep.

    A glass of warm milk also helps.

  • pat.

    For me it's warm drink, music, a chapter or so read, a suduko, lights off and tough it out. Even not sleeping the body relaxes.

  • Lisa Risley

    Hard to not move when you have RLS, and if I have an itch, you bet I'm gonna scratch. (I've tried ignoring the desire to move. It makes things worse for me.) And finally, if I'm not comfortable, I'm going to have to get into a comfortable position in order to ever be able to fall asleep. So, while they may work for you, sadly they don't work for everyone.

  • Lisa Risley

    I think I'll check into this! I've been a lifelong insomniac myself! Thanks for the tip!

  • Lycanthropica

    I do a lot of these which I find are so helpful, in particular, rolling my eyes back, pretending I am falling and imaging my happy place. Good tips :)

  • Andi

    I do the same thing but start at 1000

  • busywifebusylife

    My husband has a really hard time falling asleep, while I seems to fall at the drop of a hat. One thing I recommend is to keep a pad of paper and pen next to your bed. This way if things are on your mind, you can write them down and then you won't have to think about them.

  • Dewi Natalia

    Imagine your future will be or maybe read some pages of books. Don't use ur cellphone before sleeping. It won't make you falling asleep easily :p

  • Debra Simms

    i also have RLS makes sleeping impossible most nights :(

  • Disco Face

    I use a few apps that either have sounds you can layer and time or there are also relaxation/guided meditation apps that I've found helpful as well.

  • Tiffany Hodgson

    I use to 4-7-8 routine and it knocked me out in 5 minutes! I totally recommend trying this out!

  • The Queen Of Dreaming

    I've discovered the 4-7-8 trick not so long ago and after a couple times I do it, it immediately works!

  • SamanthaSeries

    I find a long makeup video on Youtube and fall asleep listening to talking them talking :) I like hrhcollection on youtube because she has quite long videos and shes got a nice voice.

    Samantha Series

  • Eerily Cheerily

    This is great! In my very early blogging days, I wrote a very sarcastic review of sleeping aids. It was 3am and I'm a twenty something year old widow so quality sleep is now a rare thing! Things I've tried range from Valium to sex to the white noise app, Noisli. I stay away from using my iPad in bed now and do visualisations.

  • Interesting I'll have to try these!

  • I have such bad sleeping routine, and I am usually up till really late, sometimes even 5 am. I just find it really hard to sleep and this post has helped me so much!!

    Debasree // ALL SHE NEEDS

  • Em xx

    It's very hard for me to fall asleep and I've read many posts on the internet about how to fall asleep and they all seem like they are the same post, while this one has some tips I've never read before. Thank you for this great post! :)

  • Emma Waller (Emmajane01)

    Sitting here at 1.15am and can't sleep, so glad i just came across this post haha!!

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