Desk Details & Tips For Organisation

There comes a time when you hit a wall in terms of creativity and productivity when you’re working from your bed, so naturally I thought it was time to move to an actual working space. It’s still not where I want it to be, and honestly I think it could be bordering on a little bit too ‘girly’, even for me. For the moment though, I do quite like it. It’s light and keeps me inspired!

Everything you see in this post (besides my macbook & the Chanel perfume) was purchased from Uni Hill Factory Outlet. Majority of the stationary came from their Typo store, which is a lot more discounted than their other stores & you can find some really cool pieces they don’t usually stock.

I love using these little milk bottles, which I purchased for $1 each from UHFO, to store pens, pencils, etc. I also use them for flowers.

I literally cannot work in a mess, like, it just wont happen. When nothing around me is organised, I feel like my mind is just allll over the place so, here’s a few tips on how I stay on top of things!

1. Lists – Pretty straightforward, but I like to keep a list of things I need to do either in a notepad or on my ‘Reminders’ app. It’s great because you can create different categories and tick them off as you go, feeling rather accomplished. Woo.

2. Calenders –  I just recently started using my ‘Calenders’ app on my macbook & iPhone, and it has been a lifesaver. Not only am I colour coordinating all my events/work, which is something I used to laugh at people doing, but it is a much better option than trying to keep it all in your head. Write it down. It’s much less overwhelming.

3. A new space – Like myself, you might find yourself much more organised when you’re looking at something new. That doesn’t mean going out and buying something new, which of course you can certainly do, but like many of you I’m also on a budget. Rearranging your furniture, or even changing rooms will do just fine. :)

4. Eliminate clutter – This can be taken in different ways, but whether it means clutter in your mailbox or clutter on your desk, get rid of it now. It will only play on the back of your mind and a clean workspace will help you think a lot clearer.

5. Plan – Always plan in advance, check your events or work everyday and figure out what you want to achieve everyday. It’s much harder to procrastinate and ignore things when they are scheduled. The hardest part is getting started.

*Some of these items may have been sent to me and or sponsored, however, opinions are 100% my own.
  • Hannah Boxall

    Wish I had a desk like yours! It's honestly gorgeous x

    | Heyitshannaah">Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  • Emily Perrin

    So beautiful! As soon as I'm out of student accommodation I will have a desk like this!

    Gorgeous post as always bab :)

  • When everything's organised I feel so much better too, but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand! And then I have to organise again, but I can't seem to ever keep my spaces tidy for very long!!

  • Helen

    Lovely post and great pictures, thanks for the tips! <3

    * Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  • You have a gorgeous desk area! Love the post :) x

  • There is no such thing as too girly! Your desk area is perfection <3

    She Will Be

  • Your desk is beautiful! I love the little girly details :) I always clean up my desk and it's tidy for a day, and the next day it's back to being cluttered. I simply have no space in my room for all my stuff o_o

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • ariadnamorell

    your desk is so beautiful! Wish mine looked like yours!! And I don't think it's too girly at all! ;) x

  • Megan Roisin

    Your desk is absolutely gorgeous, I'd love a work space like this!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  • Wow lovely post! And I love all the ideas you had for getting organized!!!

  • wow your desk looks so lovely, my taste is very similar so I'll have to check out the stores you recommended! :)
    pilla xx

  • I love the flowers! I try to add flowers here and there throughout my apartment, they really bring live to a space!

  • Toni Clarke

    Lovely post! Your workspace is so cute and colourful I love it! x

  • You know what… I am not naturally very girly myself, but there's something about your workspace that makes me feel warm inside. It is girly as hell, but it is also grown up type of girly and I simply love it. The jar with berries looks so amazing. I love drinking my smoothies from glass jars, so this one just looks even more inviting ;)

  • Lesley X

    Gorgeous desk x

  • I absolutely love this! Desk (and blue and gold polka dot journal) envy!!

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx

  • Charlotte

    I love your desk area! such a nice place to work!!

  • Oh my gosh I just found your blog and it is so so so damn beautiful! Can't wait to scroll through all your posts X

  • Need to print this off and use it for some desk inspo…mine is out of control!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Lovely ideas! x

    Blog A Girl with a Camera

  • simply re-arranging furniture is a great way to give your room a "new look!" I just did that today to my bedroom and it looks great and refreshing! btw, I love these photos – your desk is beautiful!


  • Aw thankyou! I'm still so unsure about it haha x

  • It's always tricky to set up something in student accommodation! Thankyou Emily :) x

  • Me neither! I'm really not an organised person, but I can't work well in mess haha x

  • Thankyou Helen! :) x

  • Aw thankyou Loren!! X

  • Haha you may be right! Thank you Sylvia :) x

  • Aw thanks Sheri! Oh I can relate, I really need a room dedicated to my work/study! x

  • Aw thankyou lovely! haha still so unsure about it! x

  • Aw thankyou megan :) x

  • I'm so glad they could help you! :) x

  • Thankyou! So happy you like it :) x

  • I totally agree! They bring a really homely feel :) x

  • Thanks so much Toni! :) x

  • Aw that's so sweet, thankyou! I'm still a bit unsure about it, but your comment made me feel better haha :) x

  • Thankyou! :) x

  • It's my fave journal! Kikki K have some gorgeous stuff :) x

  • Thank you so much! :) x

  • Aww thankyou! that means the world to me! x

  • thankyou! Give it a few days and mine will look like a bomb just hit it again haha x

  • thankyou margery! :) x

  • totally agree! thank you so much! :) x

  • lovely post, I'm currently sitting in a cluttered room with all sorts everywhere! I always work from my bed because it's the largest clear space, but i think its time for change! xx

  • holly.sibley

    Love your desk space, its so pretty!

  • You have a lovely space to work and with something like that who would even think about procrastinating? ;) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  • I absolutely love this workspace! Looks like it might be time to revamp my work space!

    Becky, x //

  • Ooooh yes, I love a clean and tidy desk – nothing worse than clutter to ruin your mind frame.

    i cannot wait to find a place in London and set up my desk ha!

    L x ||

  • This is such an adorable desk space! You have inspired me to revamp my own space, which right now is a complete mess haha!

  • I love your style:) Definitely going to take some ideas for my workspace…


  • Love your desk space, I like that it's functional but not overcrowded. I usually work from my bed, but this post has motivated me to get my desk back in order!

  • My desk is such a mess that I always end up in my bed. Even when I have to study. I know it's bad… I should really take some time to clean it!

    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

  • Anna Costa

    Absolutely lovely. Ive tried an all-cleaned space and a cluttered space, just to figure out that I have to stay right in between the two, more or less like you did here. I loved it.

  • Adriannie Nicolaou

    In love with your working space! It's functional but not overcrowded. Good Work