Desk Details & Tips For Organisation

There comes a time when you hit a wall in terms of creativity and productivity when you’re working from your bed, so naturally I thought it was time to move to an actual working space. It’s still not where I want it to be, and honestly I think it could be bordering on a little bit too ‘girly’, even for me. For the moment though, I do quite like it. It’s light and keeps me inspired!

Everything you see in this post (besides my macbook & the Chanel perfume) was purchased from Uni Hill Factory Outlet. Majority of the stationary came from their Typo store, which is a lot more discounted than their other stores & you can find some really cool pieces they don’t usually stock.

I love using these little milk bottles, which I purchased for $1 each from UHFO, to store pens, pencils, etc. I also use them for flowers.

I literally cannot work in a mess, like, it just wont happen. When nothing around me is organised, I feel like my mind is just allll over the place so, here’s a few tips on how I stay on top of things!

1. Lists – Pretty straightforward, but I like to keep a list of things I need to do either in a notepad or on my ‘Reminders’ app. It’s great because you can create different categories and tick them off as you go, feeling rather accomplished. Woo.

2. Calenders –  I just recently started using my ‘Calenders’ app on my macbook & iPhone, and it has been a lifesaver. Not only am I colour coordinating all my events/work, which is something I used to laugh at people doing, but it is a much better option than trying to keep it all in your head. Write it down. It’s much less overwhelming.

3. A new space – Like myself, you might find yourself much more organised when you’re looking at something new. That doesn’t mean going out and buying something new, which of course you can certainly do, but like many of you I’m also on a budget. Rearranging your furniture, or even changing rooms will do just fine. :)

4. Eliminate clutter – This can be taken in different ways, but whether it means clutter in your mailbox or clutter on your desk, get rid of it now. It will only play on the back of your mind and a clean workspace will help you think a lot clearer.

5. Plan – Always plan in advance, check your events or work everyday and figure out what you want to achieve everyday. It’s much harder to procrastinate and ignore things when they are scheduled. The hardest part is getting started.

*Some of these items may have been sent to me and or sponsored, however, opinions are 100% my own.