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I was browsing Tumblr earlier today, a website I don’t visit quite as regularly as I used to, however I came across this really useful post. It had all of these fun links, and I thought I might share them with you, if you hadn’t heard of them either. I hope you find them somewhat useful. I can’t even explain how much the ‘A good movie to watch‘ website has helped me. Hope you’re all having a lovely week!

Screenr – Record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.

Iconfinder – The best place to find icons of all sizes.

Midomi – When you need to find the name of a song.

Shelterpups – You can send them a picture of your dog and they’ll send you a stuffed animal that looks just like it.

Justin Guitar – Learn how to play the guitar for free.

Wolframalpha – An answer engine that can solve almost any mathematical equation.

Nickrebot – You can continuously stream 90’s cartoons for free.

Pizza Codes – It will provide you with promo codes for discounts at most restaurants.

Free Disney Movies – Watch every single old disney movie for free.

10 Minute Mail – For times you need to throw away an email address. The email address will enable you to get confirmation, and then self destruct forever in 10 minutes.

Write Words – Great for finding all the words and phrases you overuse in your writing.

A Good Movie to Watch – Do you spend all your Netflix time trying to figure out what movie to watch? Problem solved! Find a movie to watch based on your mood, recommendations, genre, etc.

Vid to mp3 – Converts videos to mp3.

Print What You Like – Print web pages without the clutter.

Cliffs Notes – Valuable resources like study guides and test prep for standard books and subjects.

Live Mocha – A free online language learning website.

Vocaroo – Record your voice with a click.

Retailmenot – Save tons of money with this site, it provides lots of coupons at no cost.

All Recipes – A website full of tasty recipes for free.

Documentary Heaven – A website that lets you watch thousands of documentaries for free.

Essay Typer – Writes a free essay for you if you provide the topic (use with caution!)

Snesfun – you can play almost every single old Nintendo game for free.

Blah Therapy – vent your problems and secrets to a total stranger.

Ex.fm – see what is trending, discover new music & share with friends.

Start Cooking – for those beginning their cooking journey.

How to Play Piano – learn to play the piano for free.

Home Tips – tons of articles and resources providing expert help for DIY home repairs and improvements.

Shit You Can Afford – you can buy cool gifts and gadgets for almost no money.

Rainy Mood – a website that makes it sound like it’s raining outside.

Classic Games Arcade – play many arcade games such as pac man & more online for free.

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    Amazing! Literally didn't know about any of these before
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    This is the greatest!! Such a useful list of sites. Totally gonna indulge in the one with the Nintendo games now, hahaha. Thank you so so much! <3 God bless your beautiful soul.

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  • Free Disney movies?! Ok. Sounds good to me. I love when everything in one spot, so I don't have to go searching everywhere for each film.

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  • Bookmarking this so I can check out these links after work, excellent roundup!

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  • Such fun links! LOL at the essay typer one though… haha. The stuffed dog one is so cute! Wish I had a dog to create.

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  • i will be bookmarking this! this is a great list for those times you have a free hour or two!

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    Wow this is awesome, thanks for sharing! I use Allrecipes all the time, but I'm definitely bookmarking a few new ones :)

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  • Woah these are all so great!

    Justin Guitar is amazing, I started to learn the guitar last year (before alevels got in the way) and he does it all for free, my dad has bought a few of his books because they're so great and to help him out!

    Thanks for this list!


  • love this! I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of these! x


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    Love these! I mean, free disney movies? Yes, please!


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    Love Justin Guitar! Might have to check out Essay Typer…no more college work for me!haha

  • I'm ALWAYS at a loss for what movie to watch, so I'm so excited to use the "a good movie to watch" link! Thank you for sharing xx


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    I was going to send an email saying how much I love your blog and how I've read your posts often on bloglovin but this is my first time on your actual blog, but then I read this post and had to comment immediately! This is brilliant! I want to stop and use every single link right now. Thank you