20 Links For When You’re Having A Bad Day

Having a bad day? or maybe just need a bit of a pick me up? Here’s some websites that might help…

An interactive timeline that will put your day into perspective.

For people who love cats and music. What is the internet.

Post Secret, where people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard.

Imagine living in this Brazilian Gres House. Incredible.

This kitten was rejected by its mother, and raised by a golden retriever.

Look what happens when a seal meets a dog. SQUEAL.

Google Image search ‘Atari breakout’. I dare ya.

This blog featuring pictures of mirrors for sale on Craigslist is oddly captivating.

21 Google searches that perfectly sum up being in your early 20’s.

This guy posted live updates of his wife cheating on him, which exploded on the internet.

A cat owner and his cat use teamwork to catch a bug.

A father & daughter posed for a photo at the same spot for 35 years. Heartwarming.

Mrpimpgoodgame, the leader of the selfie movement.

If you’ve never heard of F My Life, now would probably be a good time to visit.

Just some cats bouncin‘. The background color changes and it’s kind of hard to look away.

Here’s a smiling Lamb. And a shaved Llama.

Weirdness to infinity and back. Just keep zooming.

Need to escape? MapCrunch will teleport you to random places in the world.

Virtual bubblewrap. That is all.

The ideal vacation spot for cat ladies: Cat Heaven Island, Japan.

Image source: tumblr