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If any of you read my new years resolutions post, you’ll see one of them was trying to get fit, lose weight, yadda yadda. Surprisingly, for once, I’ve actually put that resolution into action and already lost 3kg last week from clean eating and exercise. When exactly does clean eating get easier? The thought of tuna and broccoli is already making me feel ill. I’m thinking of starting a few fitness posts, sharing my tips & tricks that have really helped me. What do you guys think?

I feel like I’ve been slacking with the blog, but at last I’ve finally picked up my camera and scheduled some posts for next week. Also on the subject of blogging, I’ve changed the layout around (again) because I can’t seem to be happy with anything. Le sigh.

Have you seen the trailer for Inside Out? The parents dynamic made me laugh. I’ve basically spent the last couple of days in blanket burrito on the couch watching Vampire Diaries and
SVU marathons, which I blame on the crappy weather. Last I heard it was supposed to be Summer? Why must it always rain on a Saturday night. Why.

My Pinterest obsession is starting back up again & I stumbled upon these images that made me feel a bit better about myself lately. I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re having a bad day.

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  • I'm starting a similar series too!! I can't wait to read about your experiences. Great job on your current weight loss, that's a good result. Wish you well on your journey!

    xx Kat @ Katness

  • Oooh well done on the resolution success! Yep clean eating can be SO tedious… I'm trying to fill my diet with healthy food I actually enjoy, but I know it won't be long before a Friday night comes along where I am craving pizza. Doesn't help that the pizza place near us makes AMAZING pizzas. Must resist hehe.

    Angie || the maquillage

  • Laurens Looks

    I'd love fitness and healthy recipe posts!!!:) x

  • I would absolutely love some fitness posts and tips & tricks! Especially on this blog that I love so much!! I keep changing the look of my blog at the moment but still not happy with it, might have to do some big changes soon! Also love the quotes :)

  • Sylvia Said

    These little quotes are the cutest and very inspiring <3 Looking forward to your smoothie post, because I need to get started on my health kick too xxx

    She Will Be

  • Stripes n Vibes

    Lovely quotes!

    I'm starting to work out too, it's about a time))

    Happy Monday!



  • Well done for losing 3kgs!! Healthy eating only gets easier (i find) on days when i've worked out or just really motivational days, the more you do it the more motivated to do it you get (if that makes sense)
    I also love the vampire diaries!

  • Olivia Welch

    Well done on the weight loss! It just shows how much healthy eating does! I love the quote on the right, I feel like you can choose how you face life. Such cute quotes!

  • Abi Street

    Congrots on the weight loss!! Healthy eating is so hard to stick to, but keep at it girl!! Love the Mother Teresa quote!! xx

    Abi |

  • I'd love to see tips on being more healthy (especially delicious recipes) – I find the hardest part of eating healthy is finding recipes that taste good! Great job on losing weight, hopefully you're feeling healthier and happier!

  • Well done you! I've been on a health kick too (which I try every year I might add) but this year is different and I'm really loving experimenting with different foods and trying new things out :) x

  • Love your new layout :) .

    Yes do some healthy posts ;) I need motivation xox

  • Louise Smith

    Sounds like you are kicking of the new year in a great way!

  • Tara Clare

    Love those quotes! Whenever I'm down I just remember that I am the only person who can change how I feel x

  • Love these quotes! x

    Blog Marjorie

  • Lillie Mysel

    Love the update on your life! I have some cool posts about fitness and eating right if you want to check them out! It's called Simply Balanced x

  • I would love some fitness posts! Good for you, for losing some of what you wanted! Love these quotes, Pinterest is so amazing to find good quotes! I could spend hours pinning my life away! Hope you have a great week, x!

    Becky, xx //

  • Bella Pummarola

    Wow good job on losing weight already! I'm still eating chocolate and dreaming about the gym… :/

    Bella Pummarola

  • Haha don't worry, I'm not too sure how long it'll last for me. I'm dreaming about chocolate! x

  • Thankyou! I know, Pinterest is so so addictive! x

  • Thankyou! I'll go check them out now :) x

  • Thanks Margery :)

  • You're right! I'm happy you loved them :) x

  • So far so good (see how long it lasts!) haha x

  • Aw thankyou! I have a few coming up :)

  • Yay! I'm so glad you're succeeding on your health kick! I've been saving so many healthy/raw recipes that I plan to make! x

  • I have a few coming up that I hope you'll like! Thank you :) x

  • Thankyou! It REALLY is a struggle haha x

  • Thankyou! It does wonders. I'm glad you liked them! :) x