My First Lush Haul

Yes, you read that title right. I’ve never bought anything from Lush before, I absolutely love the store but I think I just get overwhelmed with all the choices. I did go into Lush with the intention of only buying the Godmother soap, but you know, things got a bit out of hand and I got a bit too excited and well.. here we are. I actually bought a few more bath melts but I was too eager to try them haha. I bought these all on Boxing day, but typical me to go to the boxing day sales and not buy anything on sale.


Father Christmas Bath Bomb, $6.95
Most of you will probably recognise this from Lush’s Christmas range (which was amazing this year), and returning from years before, this ones a personal favourite. It’s their cult classic ‘Snow Fairy’ scent in a bath bomb, a deliciously sweet smell. It is a fairly large bath bomb compared to others, so you do get your moneys worth. I wish this was available all year round!

Think Pink Mini Bath Bomb, $5.50
This bath bomb is supposed to have 3 little flowers on it, but two of mine fell off already. It’s fragranced with tonka bean’s edgy aroma and the sweetness of vanilla absolute. I’d describe it as sweet, but not to the point of Snow Fairy. It’s also filled with heart confetti – and how could that disappoint?

Butterball Bath Bomb, $5.50
The butterball features chips of cocoa butter which helps leave your skin feeling so smooth! It has such a lovely scent of sweet musk and vanilla. Honestly, as soon as I smelt the vanilla, I was sold. 

Ickle Baby Bot, $3.95
Is this not the cutest little bath bomb you’ve seen? It features a sleep-inducing combination of lavender
and sandalwood oils. Perfect for a bedtime bath, it will gently soothe
and you only need to use a little bit, so a whole one will go a long
way. It’s supposedly for children to fall asleep, but I think I’ll do with it just fine!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar, $9.95
I think this was the first thing I picked up in Lush, and couldn’t really put it back down. You just swish it around in the water for a skin softening, vanilla scented soak, reminiscent of Snow Fairy. I haven’t used it yet, but it supposedly lasts up to 10 baths, which is amazing value.

Rock Star & The Godmother Soap Stack, $12.95
Almost so good you could eat them (don’t quote me on that), these are two of Lush’s most popular soaps stacked together. The Godmother soap will take you back on a nostalgic journey back to your childhood, standing in a sweet shop. Meanwhile, Rock Star is a creamy, sweet-smelling soap with vanilla absolute. Mmmm.

What are your favourite products from Lush? I’d love to try some!