Makeup & Jewellery Storage Ideas

Over the past year in particular, I’ve found myself becoming more unorganised when it comes to my makeup & jewellery storage. There just seems to be a constant overflow of products that I’m finding difficult to contain. One thing I love is mixing old with new, and creating something a bit more unique. There’s nothing quite like finding a $2 trinket from the market to store some of my finest gems.

I have a thing for vintage tins. I have a few lying around the house storing some of my favourite makeup and monumental items. I’ve found them especially perfect for storing lipsticks. I used to store them in those plastic lipstick holders, but I kept having to order more because I always ran out of room. Then the problem of ‘where am I going to put this lipstick holder now’ seemed to continuously arise and ironically, left me with less storage space. This vintage ‘Jacob & Co’s Cream Crackers’ canister (and possibly one other..) stores all my lipsticks and hardly takes up any room. For anyone asking, I purchased it here from eBay.

With an ever-growing collection of rings, I decided to (finally) sort them out. I chose my favourites to keep in this little dish, I believe it actually used to be a soap bar holder, to keep on my dressing table. It makes it easy to just pop on a few before heading out the door without having to make a mess & lose half my collection.

Being a huge fan of fake eyelashes, you could say I’ve accumulated quite the collection of eye lash glue. This is only a very small portion of them as I thought it was time to start throwing them out, keeping only a few. I’ve started to store them in jar lids, which you could also store little perfume or makeup samples.

Since I’m in the middle of trying to get drawers to store products in, I’ve found the most convenient way for me it in a box lid. I know, it may sound a bit weird but don’t knock the idea yet. It perfectly fits all my foundations, strangely enough. You can also stack them on top of each other so they don’t take up too much room!

I’ve already shared this storage idea in one of my first posts, and majority of you probably know of the infamous SKURAR Pot Plants from IKEA. They’re still holding all of my brushes quite nicely (although I’m up to about my 4th one now..) but am thinking of finding some antique cups or empty Diptyque candles to store some new brushes.

Do you have any storage tips for makeup & jewellery?