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It’s been a while since I did a bit of a life update & more personal post. I just want to say thank you to all of you guys because The Sunday Chapter reached over 400 Bloglovin’ followers this week! Apart from that, there’s been quite a few things happening lately.

After months of planning, I finally booked my Europe 2015 holiday. I’ll be visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, the Greek Islands (Ios, Mykonos & Santorini), Croatia (by doing a sail from Dubrovnik to Split) and then attending Ultra music festival in Split. I’ll be gone from the beginning of June to near the end of July, and I can’t wait to post about my adventures here & share them with you all.

I am SO EXCITED about all the Christmas festivities to come. It’s starting to feel more like Christmas everyday and I really can’t wait until December hits. Does anybody else love the lead up to Christmas more than Christmas day? or is that just me?

I’ve also developed a serious candle obsession. I literally cannot stop buying candles. I’ve already got my eye on the Christmas Cookie & Celebrate Christmas Yankee candles. Send help.

  • I'm in england next month but I should be back there next July! How long will you be in London for? I get very excited about other peoples travels as you can tell haha! If your in Paris check out the shakespear and co book shop near Notre dame.. there is also a really nice restaurant that has authentic French food right next door to it which is amazing! Watch the film 'midnight in paris' it will really get you excited about seeing the city.. and the book shop is shown in it from the beginning of the film- its in a little cobble stone paved street.. Wish I was back there now!

  • I'm so excited for you for your 2015 Europe Holiday :)

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  • I actually love your blog so much!
    I followed you on all your social media so don't think I am a creep…

  • ninz

    So nice you can have a fun trip to all these places.And by the way i love Yankee candles,too.

  • Congrats on 400 girl! And eeep your Europe trip sounds so exciting!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Your trip sounds awesome! I'd love to visit Aus over christmas and see what it's like being so warm! Great post, and well done on getting to 400 followers :) x

  • Lillie Mysel

    Um, may I hop on the plane with you and travel to all of these incredible places? Haha have fun on vaca, and PLEASE take loads of pictures :) xo

  • I'm so happy you'll visit greek islands! Summer in Greece is lovely!
    I can't wait for Christmas too! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • Love me some yankee candles! Your europe trip sounds fab – are you doing it through something like Contiki or just by yourself? Bet it will be fab – I love living in London :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Tara Clare

    I'm also so so excited for Christmas! The festive build up to Christmas is always so exciting. Please check out my blog, I just put up a 'What's In My Bag' post:

  • Hope your vacay is safe and exciting! I'm beyond excited for Christmas, especially as the weather gets cooler here! I definitely prefer the days leading up to Christmas than actual Christmas day – everything is closed and it's not fun!

  • Congrats on your vacation! I just love Europe and can't wait to go back!! xx

  • Oh my gosh your trip sounds amazing! I'm so so so jealous. Are you going solo? Xx

  • Oh I'll be in London the start of June! I get so excited for other peoples travels too!! Haha ooh I'll write all those things down, they all sound amazing. I love Midnight In Paris! You're so sweet, thankyou for all the tips!! :) Xxx

  • Thankyou!! As am I! :) X

  • Aww that's so sweet of you!! I'm so flattered :) x

  • Thankyou so much! Yankee candles are my favourite :) x

  • Thankyou lovely!! So nervous/excited haha x

  • You definitely should one day! I'm usually at the beach the whole week of Christmas haha, I'd love to experience a white Christmas though! Thankyou! X

  • Haha sure thing ;) I will definitely!! X

  • Probably what I'm most excited about!! Thankyou lovely x

  • They're the best! I'm doing a Contiki tour at the start (London-Amsterdam) and then a Bus-a-bout tour for the sail of Croatia, but everything else on our own! I'm so excited to finally see London x

  • Me too!! The week leading up to it is always so exciting (although sometimes a tad stressful!) X

  • Thankyou lovely! I wish I could experience a Christmas in Winter! That would be so cool. Yes exactly! x

  • Thankyou!! I've never been, so excited (and a little nervous!) haha x

  • Thankyou girl! I'm going with a couple of my closest friends! :) x

  • Loz

    I love Christmas time! Wish I lived nearer the city so I could see the Myer windows!