Free iPhone Wallpapers

I’m that person that is constantly changing my phone background, there’s just something about it that makes me feel refreshed. I get bored really easily (I have the attention spam of a puppy) and love having something new and shiny to look at. Here are some super cute iPhone wallpapers I’ve put together, although, I’m pretty sure they can be used for Android as well!

Just click the iPhone with the background you like & save the image onto your phone. I hope you’re all enjoying your week!



  • Bec

    What a fab idea! Love this post. I think I'll be using the pineapple ones first! X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  • Ahh all of these are so cute! I love the lace one xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

  • Super cute choices! Haha the pineapples ;) Definitely supports your last post haha

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • Linda

    These are so adorable ! I love the pug one haha. super cute x

  • Loz

    oooh, love the one with the timber and lace :)

  • Mademoiselle Lala

    Oh god, I am so boring, I think I haven't changed my wallpaper in… years! ;) I may do it now though, your selection is so cute! Me and my husband are obsessed with Doge and he has now Doge wallpaper – it's so funny!

  • Gauthami J

    Ooo I love the pineapple one! So cute!

  • Ellie Willmer

    Absolutely love all of these especially the white and beige pineapples :) I always get bored of my phone background so quickly!

  • Cece

    I like the wood and lace one! Really cute backgrounds! xx

  • These are all so cute ;)


    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  • M + K

    We didn't know you could get such pretty wallpapers for free!

    M + K

  • They are so pretty!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  • These are so cute! I haven't changed my iPhone background in a while so I have downloaded a few of them. Such a nice idea to post these xx

    Bethany |

  • I love the one you got in the first picture :)

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    little taste of heaven

  • The first row is my absolute favourite!! Downloading them right away. Thank you so much for these.

    All She Needs

  • Oh wow! They're so lovely! My actual one is similar to the pink one with "zig-zag" lines, but light blue… It's time to change it!! I'm just not sure which one to chose….!!

    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

  • Lillie Mysel

    Haha those pineapple ones are great! I like the anchor one very much as well :) xx

  • Allaine Maguina

    I love Your wallpapers! Thank you for sharing them :) i'll go with the first on the second Line!