Ebay Makeup Brushes

Being labelled as ‘Sigma dupes’ I couldn’t resist buying myself a set of these off eBay a couple weeks ago. I was originally only going to buy a few to test out but of course I convinced myself into thinking I needed the entire set. Plus I’m a sucker for any type of dupe so these were right up my alley. Sigma are one of my fave makeup brushes & I’d recommend them to anyone. In my opinion, I find them the same or if not better quality than MAC brushes which retail at double the price.

This set only cost me $10! How crazy is that. And yes, that’s including shipping too. Still can’t get over it. I purchased the 8 piece set but you can also get them individually or in 4 piece sets as well. They come in all different colours and I opted for gold so I’m able to differentiate them from my other brushes which all seem to be silver (smart thinking hey). They’re made of wood and are all synthetic hair brushes.

I’ve washed them once since getting them and I’ve had close to no fallout which I’m really impressed about. They feel so incredibly soft which is not at all what I was expecting. I spent the first 10 minutes just brushing them across my face (which I think is completely normal considering how soft they are…)

These brushes took a bit of getting used to after using Sigma synthetic brushes religiously. They do work so nicely if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative. They’re soft, blend out smoothly and apply products quite well. However, they aren’t very dense which is a bit of a shame. The hair is a bit too long for my liking and there isn’t enough of it in the brush. If I push the bristles all to one side I can see a bit of a gap where there is space for extra bristles. In saying that, it’s pretty much the only downfall here and at just over $1 a brush – how can you really complain! Just make sure to use a lighter hand :)

Angled Kabuki – This is a great brush for contouring and buffing blush or bronzer into the skin. It works best with cream or liquid products.

Tapered Kabuki – This would probably have to be my favourite brush out of the set. I’ve been using it to apply under eye brightener or liquid/cream highlighters.

Flat Kabuki – This is supposed to be used for foundation but I don’t find it works that well. However, it’s great for blending or buffing out bronzer or blush (especially if you’ve put too much!) and for applying powders on the face.

Round Kabuki – I find this one works best to apply your liquid foundation with. Just dab and buff it in around your face and voila!

I wasn’t as impressed with these brushes as I was the others. I don’t think I’ll be getting much use out of them and the Precision Flat brush as it is no where near dense enough. There aren’t enough bristles on the brush. Personally, besides the tapered brush, I find these brushes a bit unnecessary and they aren’t as precise as I’d like them to be.

Precision Flat – It’s supposed to be used to stipple concealer on sun spots and blemishes but I don’t find it works well at all.

Precision Tapered – This is a great little brush to apply concealer around the eyes and nose, chin, around the mouth and hard to reach places.

Precision Round – This is used to apply eye shadow base or primer onto the lid.

Precision Angled – Used to contour the nose with cream or liquid products. The round and angled precision brushes could also pretty much be used for the same thing!

If you’d like, you can check them out on eBay here. They ship from China and took about 12-14 days to Australia. Of course, you can always find many other sellers that ship the same brushes for different prices. This was just the lowest I could find at the time :)